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Cancer Cure Guide

Macrobiotic Diet: Easy Way to Beat Cancer


One of the natural ways of curing cancer is by following macrobiotic diet. Studies have shown that whole grains play a huge role in eliminating various type of cancerous cells in the body. Read on for an overview of the macrobiotic diet. Click here to learn more.


Cooking Whole Grains

Whole grains can be cooked dry like rice, or wet and soft like porridge, which is usually eaten for breakfast. It is also useful to eat a variety of grains, as different grains provide different nourishment. The easiest way to do this is to mix them, for example, cook:


o rice with millet

o rice with corn

o rice with barley

o millet with barley

o millet with corn


Whole grains can also be made into breads and noodles or pasta. Generally, it is better to eat the whole grain, rather than broken grains like rolled oats and polenta (corn), or flour products like bread and noodles. However, wheat is usually eaten in the form of flour products because whole wheat is very hard and chewy.


Whole grains are better because once a grain is broken and exposed to air, it starts to oxidize just as an apple starts to oxidize and turn brown when it is cut, except that the oxidization process in grains is less obvious.


Fresh Flour

But those who are used to fresh grains and fresh flour can tell the difference. I once met two ladies who were avid bakers, and they would make bread with freshly ground flour. They told me that if the flour was just a day old, they could tell the difference. Even their hands feel different when kneading the dough. Most people, however, make breads and cakes with flour that is at least a few months old and they are none the wiser.


In Singapore, there is a soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant (at the Paragon, basement level) where the noodles are made from freshly ground flour. Near the entrance of the restaurant is a big stone mill where the flour is ground, and the soba maker makes his noodles there for all to see. The soba does taste very different from the dried, factory made varieties.


How the grains are ground also makes a difference. Commercial flour mills use steel blades to produce flour and the blades get very hot. This affects the quality. Stone grinding is a cooler process that does not affect the quality as much, so if you buy flour, look for those that are stone ground.

Following the above macrobiotic tips will go a long way in curing your cancer. Also read more about cancer ablation for more details.


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